Brilliant Ways to Spruce Up Your Backyard This Summer

Now that summer has officially arrived, many homeowners are preparing their yards for the summer months by landscaping and adding other outdoor accents. Landscaping is not the only option for summer yard prep, though. Here are a few other brilliant ways to SPRUCING UP YOUR OUTDOOR SPACE. Read on to learn more about these ideas. You’ll be glad you did! After all, your yard should be more than just a pretty space – it should be your oasis!


If you want to add some color to your back yard, you can use a color theme. For example, you can mix annuals and perennials. Choose one that matches your home’s exterior or add plants that change color with the seasons. Some flowers require more water than others. Some flowers are hardier than others, so consider the amount of sun your yard will get. You can mix and match different plants for an interesting effect.

50 Brilliant Ways to Spruce Up Your Backyard This Summer | Family Handyman


Pergolas are perfect structures for outdoor living and entertaining. They provide shade for the patio and can add an air of opulence to your outdoor space. These structures can be enhanced with plants, lighting, and hanging planters. Planters can be used to hang hanging baskets of flowers or climbing plants. The vines can provide natural shade and can be tied to the pergola’s beams for a more striking look.

Storage benches

Storage benches are a great way to add extra seating to your backyard, whether you’re looking to save money on patio furniture or add some flair to your deck or patio. Not only can these benches be used to store tools and supplies, but they can also double as a relaxing spot. Choose a storage bench with shelves, drawers, and/or small cabinets. Choose a material that can withstand high temperatures, like treated wood.

Tiki torches

You can transform old lanterns into Tiki torches by taking out the window and leaving the lantern open. This DIY project is not for the inexperienced, as it requires patience and practice. Light bulbs, Tiki torch fluid, and a fuse can also be used. These simple but elegant lighting fixtures are perfect for adding ambiance to any backyard. Despite their small size, these Tiki torches are perfect for illuminating your patio.


If you’re looking for ways to add color to your outdoor space without having to break the bank, rugs are a brilliant way to do so. Not only can they add visual interest to your backyard space, but they also are easy to clean and can be reversed. Whether you’re using it as an accent rug or a standalone statement piece, rugs can help you create a look that’s both classic and modern.


Whether you’re looking for some simple landscaping ideas or some innovative ways to add color to your backyard, there are many ways to do so. Planters, for instance, are an easy way to add color and flair to your outdoor space. You can buy a planter at your local home and garden store and fill it with either annual or perennial flowers and shrubs. You can also place a planter on your front porch to improve curb appeal.

Outdoor lighting

If you love spending time outdoors, outdoor lighting is a great way to add ambiance and character to your outdoor space. You can add a single strand of lights to your patio or deck, extending your enjoyment of your backyard space. Besides, it’s very easy to install, and will look fantastic in any setting. To add ambiance, choose style bulbs. These bulbs give your outdoor space a casual, modern, and vintage feel.