Glamorous Wedding Ideas for Your Luxurious Big Day

Whether you want a formal, luxury wedding or a more intimate affair, there are tons of ways to make your big day extra-special. Here are a few ideas to get your dream wedding started: Candlelit dinners, high ceilings, and Lebanese wedding décor. Plus, learn how to create the perfect instagram-worthy spot. And don’t forget to visit a wedding venues near Nashville!

Crystal chandeliers

When it comes to elegant lighting fixtures, crystal chandeliers are a classic choice. From formal chandeliers to hanging decorations, crystal chandeliers will bring glamour and opulence to any event. You can also choose less formal options such as floral chandeliers. This timeless, elegant feature can be incorporated into almost any theme or wedding style. This type of wedding lighting can be used in many ways, from intimate gatherings to lavish celebrations.

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The couple at this New York city wedding incorporated a beautiful crystal chandelier into their decor. The chandeliers were already part of the venue and the couple decided to highlight it throughout the wedding. The couple also chose to use greenery in the decor to create a romantic secret garden theme. The couple incorporated white flowers, lush greenery and lots of draping to add to the magical ambience. The venue was a hidden gem with trees and crystal chandeliers in a garden setting.

Lebanese wedding decor

If you’re planning a lavish wedding, consider Lebanese wedding decor. These weddings are famous for their beautiful attire, embroidered dresses, omnipresent music, and precious ornaments. Even the bride’s entrance is a grand spectacle. You can even have a Lebanese food display. The menu is endless: the bride’s meze (small plates) are just the start! You can also include kafta, rice pilaf, and manakish for dessert.

In addition, Lebanese couples have elaborate wedding cakes. These desserts may have as many as nine tiers and are often covered in ornate floral designs. While the specific location for henna painting varies from region to region, it is generally applied to the couple’s pinky finger, which symbolizes fertility and new beginnings. The newlyweds usually cut the cake together.

Candlelit dinners

Adding ambiance with candles and twinkle lights is an elegant way to enhance your romantic atmosphere. These lights can be hung from the ceiling or incorporated into your tablescapes and canopy at the reception. Intimacy is created with details, such as candles, berries, pine cones, and ornaments. You can also place a garland of snow-covered pine cones around the table.

Instead of a traditional cake, consider a dessert bar with unique designs. Candlelit dinners with delicious desserts are the perfect addition to your luxurious big day. You can save a lot of money by preparing your own wedding favours. Or, instead of a cake, opt for churros dipped in chocolate sauce or a candy floss machine. Your guests will surely appreciate the idea of a delicious dessert bar at your lavish wedding.

For your reception, consider a luxurious venue. Whether it is an elegant ballroom or a quaint gazebo, a candlelit dinner will definitely be a romantic and glamorous touch to your wedding day. You can even create a romantic mood by using candles as a backdrop. Make sure you have a dark room, as it can be very challenging to work with candles in a light-filled room.

High ceilings

Your glam wedding decor should be timeless. Whether you choose to use candles or flowers in classic vases, classic wedding décor makes your wedding feel high-end and sophisticated. Don’t go too far out of your way with theme decorations, though, as they can seem overwhelming. If you have an idea of the type of wedding you want, then here are some ideas for making your glam celebration stand out from the rest:

Guests at a lavish wedding will be of high caliber, so a ladies’ lounge will be an absolute necessity. In addition, male guests will appreciate an escort card, a lounge area with cigars, and a wine bar. Your wedding will be the talk of the season! But if you want to keep your guest’s budget down, consider a more budget-friendly option.