How to Clean Your Car With a Pressure Washer

If you own a pressure washer, you have probably wondered how to use it to clean your car. Here are some tips to use the equipment: Choose the right pressure, set the pressure to the correct level, and wash off caked on dust and sticky bug guts. Visit frankston car wash who will help you get your car looking like new. But before you get started, make sure to read the safety guidelines before using the pressure washer.

Gas or electric pressure washers

Before you buy a pressure washer, you should know what its maximum PSI is. This will help you choose the right pressure level for the job. Most car washes require a minimum of 1,900 PSI, so you’ll need to choose the right gas or electric pressure washer to meet your needs. Gas pressure washers can be very powerful and can damage your car if they’re used on light jobs, so be sure to check the PSI rating of your pressure washer before making a purchase.

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Setting the pressure

Before using a pressure washer to clean your car, you must rinse the car first. Generally, you can use the 25-degree tip nozzle to rinse the car. Turn on the pressure washer and stand about 4-5 feet away from the car, testing the pressure. Close all the doors and windows before spraying. If possible, try to use a rotary nozzle attachment. If not, use the green nozzle to rinse the detergent.

Cleaning off caked on dust

Before you use a pressure washer to clean off caked on dust, you should spray your floor with floor cleaner. The cleaner will prevent the dust from flying into the air as it is sprayed. Then, spray a combination of water and soap on your floor. Don’t rush to rinse off the solution. It needs some time to work. Attach a floor brush to your pressure washer wand to help you get rid of the larger particles and harder-to-reach areas.

Cleaning off sticky bug guts

While you’re out pressure-washing your car, you’ve probably noticed that sticky bug guts have glued themselves to your car’s surface. These stains can be difficult to remove without damaging your car’s paintwork. There are a few ways to remove these stains without damaging the car’s paint. Using a microfiber towel will work well to remove the stains, as this material has been designed to remove contaminates from a surface. You can also use a bug-erasing wipe, like a Stoner Bug Eraser Wipe, which is similar to a wet napkin with a softening agent to remove the bugs’ guts.

Cleaning off bird droppings

If you’ve ever wondered how to get rid of bird droppings, cleaning them off with a pressure washer may be the answer. Bird poop can stain a wide range of surfaces and poses a health risk for people. However, it’s best to tackle this task before the bird droppings have a chance to stain the surface. To make the job even easier, you can use a pressure washer, a garden hose, or even your own hygienic cleaning solution.