Move Your Piano With Professional Movers

Do you need to hire Piano Movers Austin? While relocating a piano, it is imperative to hire professionals to safely transport it. Professional piano movers employ proper techniques to safely transport not just pianos, but any kind of musical instrument. A reputable company will have experienced movers with the proper expertise to move your instrument in a professional manner while ensuring that the item is delivered in a safe condition.

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There are many different things to consider when hiring piano movers. First, they must have appropriate equipment. Many movers rent or lease their piano dolly and other equipment so they do not need to buy their own. The dollies for moving pianos are made of heavy duty rubber and plastic, which makes them extremely durable and long-lasting. This is especially important for pianos that require an uneven surface to be moved without damaging the instrument. There are even special pianos that have been designed to withstand being transported via a piano dolly.

The distance in which a piano needs to be moved can vary. Some piano movers will make pickups at the local depot and deliver the instrument directly to the desired location. Other services may be necessary such as loading and unloading the vehicle. The cost of these services can vary as well depending on the company and the type of move in question. Some piano movers will use special tools and equipment to aid in the move including hydraulic lifts and platforms that allow the dollies to lift the piano from ground level and onto the dolly. Additional equipment required includes a forklift to load and unload the instrument as well as rope for reaching the instrument on the floor.

Most piano moving companies will provide advice on the best ways to move pianos safely. Moving a piano by yourself is never recommended as it can be dangerous. While some people may feel they can perform the job well, the safety of the instrument is paramount. Professionally trained piano movers are well trained and will be able to assess the situation and determine what the safest way to move the instrument is. They will consult with you about your unique situation and determine which method is best suited for your particular needs.

For those pianos that are not in good condition and can’t be moved using only a dolly there are other options. A great option is to use an assistant to move your piano. Piano movers who work in this capacity will usually have many years of experience moving both upright and grand pianos safely. They will use dollies to carefully lift the instrument and place it securely on the dolly. The benefit of this service is that you don’t have to be present during the move.

Piano movers who specialize in removing grand pianos will have a very strong staff of professionals. This makes it possible to move any grand piano without worrying about whether it can be moved without harming it. It is also much more cost efficient to use a moving service to remove it rather than tackling the job yourself. Piano movers who have years of experience removing upright and grand pianos are also experienced at moving smaller pieces such as cabinets, desks and study tables. Having the right dolly, dollies, a truck and the proper manpower can make a world of difference when it comes to moving your furniture and belongings safely.