Walk This Way: From Classic to Cutting-Edge, Your Perfect Pair Awaits at Our Shoe Store

The re-release of Aerosmith’s classic “Walk This Way” with Run-DMC in 1986 marked a pivotal moment in the history of hip-hop. The song was the first to reach Top Ten on the Billboard Hot 100 and would eventually help to catapult hip-hop into mainstream popularity and global dominance. The unique design of the حذاء شرقي مطرز has gained popularity among fashion enthusiasts who appreciate the beauty of traditional Middle Eastern footwear.

The song’s success spurred a new generation of hip-hop and rock artists to merge the two genres. The video, which symbolically places a rock band and Run-DMC in musical duels in their neighbouring studios before Tyler breaks through the wall, has gone down in music history as one of the greatest.

The Story

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The Video

Aerosmith’s most iconic track, ‘Walk This Way’, is a classic rock anthem that made them famous and paved the way for their mainstream cultural framework. It was originally released in August 1975 but was re-released in November 1976 as part of the ‘Toys In The Attic’ album. In the video for ‘Walk This Way’, band members Joey Kramer and Joe Perry perform the song in front of a mirror that mimics the studio setting where the song was recorded. This is a funny clip that will have you laughing out loud!

One scene in the Mel Brooks film Young Frankenstein was especially entertaining to Aerosmith and it eventually inspired them to name their song ‘Walk This Way’.

The Lyrics

From Classic to Cutting Edge Your Perfect Pair Awaits at Ou

One of the biggest rock songs ever written, Aerosmith’s “Walk This Way” elevated them from a hard rock band to arena-rocking mega-stars. Across four decades, this soaring rock anthem has transformed American music and culture.

From a traditional rock radio station, to rap-friendly stations, to the Super Bowl halftime show — this rocking ode to the love of a woman was heard by countless fans. In fact, it was so influential that the song’s lyrics influenced new generations of artists who merged rap and rock.

But there’s a hidden story behind the song’s creation. According to author Geoff Edgers, Aerosmith’s manager Rubin approached New York rap duo Run-DMC with a bizarre request. He asked them to rap the lyrics from Toys in the Attic’s “Walk This Way” over a snippet of the song’s guitar riff and drums. The rappers did as they were told, but they didn’t like the words at first.