What to Serve With Salmon Wellingtons

Salmon is a fish that is easy to make delicious, and it comes in a variety of styles. The first thing you need to remember when making salmon recipes is that this fish is a “fish” and therefore it should be treated with respect. Most people who make salmon as a dish are just looking for a quick and easy way to prepare fish. If you truly want to impress your guests and have a real time in the kitchen, learn what to serve with salmon and have fun doing it.

What to serve with salmon, wellington or casserole: Thanks to your local deli or grocery store you can find a variety of delicious recipes for what to serve with salmon. This salmon wellington recipe takes your standard salmon to a new level. The classic stuffed pastry crust is stuffed with an egg batter, cheese, mushrooms, and savory butter. You may also want to serve this salmon with a side of soft fresh spinach, or a simple sliced scalloped potato. A couple of slices of sharp cheddar cheese on the side will top off this fantastic dish.

What to serve with salmon wellington

What to serve with salmon wellington, and other seafood like cod, lobster, shrimp, or crab? If you go to any local Seafood Restaurant or Market you’ll find countless delicious recipes for what to serve with seafood. If you’re looking for ideas, head to seafood restaurants in the summer. Seafood markets are the best place to find the freshest fish, and if you don’t find what you’re looking for you can always order it online. When you head to a market instead of a restaurant, you can sample many different varieties and have a chance to try a number of different recipes without having to worry about spending an outrageous amount of money.

What to serve with salmon, and any other recipe for that matter, that is served with bread? If you’re looking for an interesting twist on a traditional recipe you may want to try the baked cod. Baked cod will be absolutely amazing served with house made baked potato and a house made spinach & mushroom omelet. For a slightly different but equally delicious spin on this seafood recipe, simplyhomecooked says: “Spend a little extra time cooking the cod and you’ll have a spectacular dish. Best of all, the cost will be more than worth it.”

What to serve with salmon, and any other recipe for that matter, that is served with rice? For this recipe, simplyhomecooked recommends: “Toast the rice, mix it with cream and milk, and then add the salmon and whatever flavorings you wish. Finish with freshly ground pepper and nutritional yeast.” This delicious recipe will surely be one of your family favorites.

What to serve with salmon, and any other recipe for that matter, that isn’t served with grits? For this one simplyhomecooked recommends: “If you really don’t like grits, mash them up with some applesauce and honey until they are a smooth consistency. Then add a layer of grated parmesan cheese over the top, cover with the cooked rice and you’re ready for seconds of the most amazing food you’ve ever had. Serve with the baked potato and a homemade polenta.” There you have it, a few different ideas to help you create wonderful meals for any event, including as the ultimate compliment to any wellington.